Transformers are the most important and cost intensive part of an electric power distribution system. The principles of operation have remain almost unchanged since their inception but testing and maintenance mechanisms have witnessed tremendous development along with the design and making of the transformers. The testing techniques are judged on many diagnostic parameters which show the condition of insulation and other incipient faults affecting the working of transformer.

This requires sound expertise and knowledge on the part of the engineering staff overlooking these tests of transformer. It also entails optimum utilization of the tools and techniques required for these tests. Laxmi Associates proudly offers the services for conducting diagnostic test on transformers using latest testing equipments operated by our highly skilled team of engineers for effective and non invasive check of the transformers up to the capacity of 765 KV.

Diagnostic test on Transformer

The diagnostic methods undertaken to test the conditions of transformer can be categorized as electrical, thermal, mechanical, optical and chemical methods and for evaluation of the values obtained through these methods there are set standards which can be followed for reference. IEEE C57 and IEC 60599 are the standards followed by most of the companies. Chemical diagnostic method of DGA or Dissolved Gas Analysis is the most significant test to identify any corrosion in the oil insulation of transformer. While for analysis of the paper insulation, furfural analysis and PDC give best results. Winding resistance test can check the resistance capacity of winding conductor and tap changer.  There are different methods for specific problems and they can be applied as per the requirement.

The diagnostic test of transformer can be undertaken at any phase of its life from its commissioning to ageing or as condition assessment to avoid any major fault or failure investigation of transformer. We, Laxmi Associates are committed to serve our clients in resolving any such issue related to the functioning of transformers at their facility. Our services provide them a complete solution in identifying the problem, establishing its magnitude and consulting on the corrective actions to be taken. It also includes onsite inspection of these equipments as per IEC/IEEE standards and third party inspection along with routine test procedures.